Thursday, April 02, 2009

To everyone

Hello All,

I might not be writing here for a while (to which, of course, you answer, "but WBMC, you already haven't written for a while." And of course you would be right.

You may have heard in the news that What Blogs May Come has had to consolidate with a couple of other blog agencies (due of course to the recession).

The rumors are true. You will be able to find biting political satire, eloquent poetry, and witty comments from Orwell (maybe)-- in short, everything you've grown to know and love at WBMC-- at our (Shaun Cross, Chuck Wade, WBMC) new site:

The Lost Road

I have to commend Shaun for an excellent choice of blog names. I'm quite proud to join.

So all you readers (you mass of humanity, you)-- change your bookmark to the link above.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

a Mother and a Piper

I've noticed a theme on my blog. I find myself writing often of abortion and the ensuing public debate.

Maybe part of the reason is that there seems to be a madness surrounding it; mention the word to the wrong person and you'll get tension, anger, and hostility. Those who speak out in the public sphere in support of life are often labeled "backwards" or even "barbaric." Any debate between the two sides is likely to side-trail into discussions of the hypocrisy of people who blow up abortion clinics.

There is no consensus even within the evangelical community. Responses can range from "look, of course abortion is important, but there are thousands of other important issues," to "until we have a better system set up to care for mothers and children after the birth, abortion is a necessary reality."

There are of course hundreds of valuable tangents to follow. But, I think I just post a couple of responses to abortion that I find meaningful:

Please don't kill the child. I want the child. Please give me the child. I am willing to accept any child who would be aborted and to give that child to a married couple who will love the child and be loved by the child.

This is of course Mother Theresa in a speech at the National Prayer Breakfast in 1994. While of course WBMC cannot endorse everything she says in the entire speech, I cannot help but admire her passion to save the lives of the world's most marginalized, most defenseless, most disadvantaged, most poor.

Another topic is of course the new administration and abortion. WBMC has made it no secret that we believe the President's (and those beneath him's) consistent posturing to be subtle and yet ultimately deceptive and incredibly harmful.

But another has much better words than I:

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

How do we fix the economy?

The answer, my friends, is actually quite easy. It's actually unrelated to stimulus bills, consumer spending, or market regulation.


The new administration has really done a tremendous job of rooting out national leaders of all brands who haven't paid their taxes.

To fix the economy, then, all President Obama has to do is keep "tapping" politicians all over the country! Once they realize they are in the limelight, they will disclose some obscene amount of money they spent on luxurious dinner cruises, personal masseuses, private jets, etc.

We here at WBMC estimate that the back-taxes generated from Obama's choosing every politician in the nation to serve under him would create $1.1 trillion in wealth, thus paying for the stimulus bill and then some!

Everybody wins!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Human Rights? Well... you see... er... uh...

"Human rights cannot interfere with the global economic crisis, the global climate change crisis and the security crises," Clinton said in talks with China's foreign minister.

Yes, that would be Hillary Rodham Clinton, our new Secretary of State.

We here at What Blogs May Come just want to applaud the new administration's commitment to social justice across the world.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Open Letter of Discontent

Dear Russian Government,

You are a joke. The whole world knows it (and there is not much the whole world knows).

How long will you keep killing dissidents? How long will you keep lying, stealing, and pillaging?

You will not last forever. The Babylonians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Mongols, the Nazi's-- they could tell you themselves if they were still around (but that kind of proves the point).

I know that if I wrote this blog in your country, you could and probably would poison, shoot, or beat me to death (or at least members of my family). I am sad and I am angry that people have to live under your rule.

You will be held accountable for your actions on this earth. Maybe not by any "concerned group of citizens," the media, or another nation, but be aware-- there is a God who has promised to hold you accountable.


Jared James

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

I used to think Valentine's Day was a over-commercialized joke. Of course, companies do still make an absurd amount of money on flowers, chocolates, and cards. But now I have a beautiful wife that makes V-Day amazing.

Her name is Julie. I think all of you who read my blog have met her, but I just wanted to throw that out there for any random people I don't know about.

She's basically the most beautiful woman on earth. And she's patient, kind, thoughtful, compassionate, passionate, wise... and... perhaps most amazing of all, she loves me. She knows me better than anyone on this planet, knows my faults and weaknesses and sins, and yet, she loves me.

Pretty amazing, huh? I know I'm amazed!

But she gets even better-- she knows that she can only love me or anyone because Christ loved her first. And this just makes her all the more lovely.

And Christ all the more loveliest of all.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

International Aid?

Well, it's happened. THE inauguration has come and gone. The crowds and the mass hysteria have reached decrescendo stage. President elect-no-longer Obama is furiously signing bills and finding just what a difficult job "President of the United States" is.

However, amidst this flurry of signed policies and rapid reversals of 43's agenda, President Obama has lifted the ban on giving US money (internationally) to groups who either provide abortion services themselves or provide information to direct people to abortion clinics. The ban has been called "The Mexico City Policy."

Here's Obama's words on it:

"For too long, international family planning assistance has been used as a political wedge issue, the subject of a back and forth debate that has served only to divide us. I have no desire to continue this stale and fruitless debate. In the coming weeks, my administration will initiate a fresh conversation on family planning, working to find areas of common ground to best meet the needs of women and families at home and around the world."

Now, at least we can say he's consistent on honest on this issue. He does have a voting history replete with bills against allowing babies to live. He has made several promises to pro-choice-for-abortion groups that he would, for example, sign the "Freedom of Choice Act," a grotesquely misnamed bill that would pare back almost every limitation put on Roe vs. Wade since 1973.

Even so, I'm astounded at his words. His contention seems to be that those who don't side with him are dragging out a long-dead issue, dividing American into pieces in the process. His "fresh conversation" will only occur on his terms, where the fact of abortion is assumed and thus no longer up for debate as to its morality.

It's like a husband who has stopped questioning whether it's wrong to beat his wife, and only asks himself now how large a stick is fair to use.

Backing the President are two other statements that I find equally appalling. They are, respectively, made by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator John Kerry:

"[the ban] will help save lives and empower the poorest women and families to improve their quality of life and their future."

"Today's announcement is a very powerful signal to our neighbors around the world that the United States is once again back in the business of good public policy and ideology no longer blunts our ability to save lives around the globe."

I understand that what they are saying, is, in a sense, true. Some women's lives will be saved because of this act. But to say broadly, without qualification, that reversing the Mexico City ban will "save lives" is an atrocious lie.

The reversal of the ban will have the net effect of ending many thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of lives (perhaps more). Contrary to what our leaders are telling us, this public policy decision actually enables us to kill more people, not save them.

This, sadly, is not where it ends. The ban was on using public money to fund these groups. Now, our tax dollars will be used to perform abortions all over the world.

I do not think that this is a situation that deserves pretty words and cordial eloquence. As per previous posts, I still believe that the above-mentioned people have deliberately violated human rights. They are oppressing a minority group; a group with no voice to represent itself whatsoever. By the stroke of a pen, by the implementation of an insidious policy, they are choosing to end the lives of countless people.

(quotes can be found here)